Adapting to Invisibility | 2018

Date: November 2018

Presented at Lajevardi Foundation

Curator (s):
Amirali Ghasemi | Parking video library

Video Artists:

Anahita Hekmat | Mehdi Shiri | Hamed Sahihi | Tessa Knapp | Ronak Moshtaghi | Narges Naseri | Tala Madani | Payam Mofidi | Nebras Hoveizavi | Simin Yaghoubi



Adapting to Invisibility is Amirali Ghasemi ’s response to a kind invitation from Sussane Bürner, an artist and curator based in Berlin. Parallel to the Mimicry – Empathy Exhibition held at Lajevardi Foundation – Tehran, a one-day video screening program is organized to explore the similar yet varying paths of various artists living across the globe. The approaches frequently deal with the body, its image, and often surrounding sceneries. The program reveals both the vulnerability of human beings and the way they choose to protect/express themselves in confrontation with the outside world.

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