Part of Me | 2012

Date: July,  2012

Presented Iranian Arts Now festival and exhibition, Cité International des Arts, Paris.


Curator (s):
Amirali Ghasemi | Parkigallery


Mohammad Abbasi | Erfan Abdi | Makan Ashgvari | Ghazaleh Bahiraie | Amir Bastan | Pouya Ehsaei | Golnaz Esmaili | Bahar Fattahi | Arvin H. Kamal | Tala Madani | Mahan Moalemi | Amirali Mohebbinejad | Photomat | Bita Razavi & Jaakko Karhunen | Sona Safaei | Mohsen Saghafi | Ali Samadpour | Mamali Shafahi | Melika Shafahi | Melodie Zad | Zoha Zokaei | Niloufar Zolfaghari.


Part of Me is performance, Part of Me is poetry, and Part of Me is pain, which may not have visible symptoms. Here, my part is to deliver nothing spectacular but something delicate enough to be rendered in the Turbulence model. Some things cannot be said aloud — no manifesto can handle the lightweight of the message — the message cannot be broadcast nor encoded to be safe, and sound is the void.

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