Deep Depression | 2004

Date: March , 2004

Curator (s):
Amirali Ghasemi | Parkigallery

Video Artists:
Pedram Etamadi | Golriz Kolahi | Rozita Sharaf Jahan | Farid Jafari Samarghandi | Armin Zoghi | Ehsan Behmanesh | Sanam Ghods | Amirali Ghasemi | Sahandsamadian | Yasser B. Raad


The concept: Deep depression and its relations with art is a central theme of the exhibition. It can be about depression only, or it can be about people who are depressed. This situation made them deep or artful; more than this, everything’s up to you and your creation.

Exhibition fields are Video-installation, Performance, Audio-installation, Illustration, Photography, and Typography.

All artists from all over the world can join the exhibition. Entering the show is free. We are also looking for sponsors who are interested in this project. If you are interested or know someone who may be able to help, please let us know. We are trying to make this exhibition travel around the world. So 1st step is the exhibition’s website to find more audiences. We are looking to receive more artwork/ideas/proposals and also reviews.

Depressed v. 1 makes you dispirited or sad. 2 push down; lower. 3 reduce the activity of (esp. trade). 4 (as depressed adj.) miserable. b suffering from depression.  depressing adj. depressingly adv. [Latin: related to *press1] depressant —adj. reducing activity, esp. of a body function. —n. depressant substance. Depressed area n. area of economic depression. Depression n. 1 extreme melancholy, often with a reduction in vitality and physical symptoms. 2 Econ. long slump period. 3 lowering of atmospheric pressure; winds etc., caused by this. 4 hollows on a surface. 5 pressing down. Depressive —adj. 1 tending to depress (depressive drug, influence). 2 tending towards depression (depressive illness; depressive father). —n. a person suffering from depression. Deep —adj. 1 extending far down or in (deep water; deep wound; deep shelf). 2 (predic.) a to or at a specified depth (water 6 feet deep). b in a specified number of ranks (soldiers drawn up six deep). 3 situated or coming from far down, back, or in (deep in his pockets; deep sigh). 4 low-pitched, full-toned (deep voice). 5 intense, extreme (deep sleep; deep color; deep interest). 6 (predic.) fully absorbed or overwhelmed (deep in a book; deep in debt). 7 profound; difficult to understand (too deep for me). —n. 1 (prec. by the) poet. Sea, esp. when deep. 2 abysses, pit, cavity. 3 (prec. by the) Cricket position of a fielder distant from the batsman. 4 deep states (deep of the night). —adv. Deeply; far down, or in (dig deep).  Go off the deep-end colloq. Give way to anger or emotion. In deep water in trouble or difficulty.  deeply adv. [Old English]Deep breathing n. breathing with long breaths, esp. as exercise. Deepen v. make or become deep or deeper. Deep-freeze —n. cabinet for freezing and keeping food for long periods. —v. freeze or store in a deep freeze. Deep-fry v. immerse in boiling fat to cook. Deep-laid adj. (of a scheme) secret and elaborate. Deep-rooted adj. (also deep-seated) firmly established, profound. [from Pocket Oxford Dictionary 1994]


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