Parishani | 2014

Date: November 2014

First presented at Art Cinema OFFoff (2014), next at New Media Projects (2016)

Curator (s):

Amirali Ghasemi and Mahdieh Fahimi


Farid Jafari Samarghandi | Rozita Sharafjahan | Simin Keramati | Neda Razavipour | Anahita Hekmat | Payam Mofidi | Rambod Vala | Amir Mobed | Tala Vahabzadeh | Narges Naseri | Allahyar Najafi | Celia Eslamieh Shomal | Amir Bastan | Shirin Mohammad | Rasoul Ashtari | Abtin Mozafari vs B-band | Siamak Janjaali vs Kajart


The program wishes to investigate Mental illnesses and their reflection in a gradient of works by Iranian artists from different disciplines. Using moving images. Ranging from photography to music video and fiction to experimental film, works are carefully selected and deal with the issue from various angles, self-aware to situations that occur to the human body in transition.

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