Invisible Present | 2013

Date: October, 2012

Presented at Osu (Ohio State University- Columbus), and Freeform Film Festival (San Francisco)

Curator (s):
Amirali Ghasemi | Parkigallery

Video Artists:

Abbas Akhavan | Amirali Ghasemi | Anahita Hekmat | Zeynab Izadyar | Gelare Khoshgozaran | Mani Mazinani | Payam Mofidi | Amirali Mohebbinejad | Taimaz Moslemian | Tara Najd Ahmadi | Shadi Noyani | Shirin Sabahi | Sona Safaei Sooreh | Bahar Samadi


The Invisible Present is an ongoing screening program selected from the Parkingallery Video Archive. The Tehran-based video archive initiated in 2004 include emerging artists from Iran and outside. It introduces the vibrant new wave video art scene in Iran. The San Francisco edition of the program highlights various disciplines, such as narrative fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, performance, and photography. The artists—mainly younger than 35 years old—work within Iran and across the globe. The Invisible Present sheds light on a generation that can not be plainly defined and is often harshly targeted internationally, an era that seeks to be present and exercise their independence while being invisible to many.

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