Re-visit One | 2017

Date: April , 2017

Early Iranian videos from the 90s

Curator (s):
Parking video library

Video Artists:

Ghazel | Fereydoun Omidi | Anahita Hekmat | Maryam Niazadeh | Minoo Iranpour | Simin Keramati | Pouria Jahanshad | Amirali Ghasemi


Re-visit tries to showcase some early examples of Iranian video art from the mid-90s to the 2000s. This research screening overlooks at a decade of this instead emerging practice in the context of reappearing the term “Iranian contemporary art.” Since 2000, Video and moving images have become a growing medium among generations of practitioners experimenting within new territories of expression. The more video works gained international attention and recognition, the stronger and more vibrant the scene became. Later on, this would turn into one of the few independent venues for exposure of contemporary art from the country beyond Market and exoticism.

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