Limited Access One | 2007

Date: March ,  2007

Parkingallery in collaboration with Reloading Images and Azad Art Gallery 

Pooya Abbasian | Keyvan Azad | Carl Boutard | Magnus Thoren | Cedric Bomford | Ehsan Behmanesh | Ana Bezelga | Elham Doust Haghighi | Eva Drangensholt | Samira Eskandarfar | Farhad Fozouni | Amirali Ghasemi | Mohamedreza Heydary | Junishiro Ishii | Fardid Jafari Samarghandi | Behnam Kamrani | Karri Kuoppala | Mehdi Mirmohammadi | Hamed Sahihi | Behrang Samadzadegan | Rozita Sharafjahan | Jinoos Taghizadeh | Yasser Raad


  • Tarahan Azad Gallery
  • Atbin Gallery
  • Zangar Gallery
  • Tehran Gallery

Video Screening/Sound Installation/ Performance


As the world is becoming smaller and smaller for us, we still have limited access to each other. We merely understand the codes that make us read images through a distance that seems very near but still so far.
Tehran would be a perfect destination for the project initiated by Parkingallery to exchange exciting examples of various responses to disconnection and connectivity at the same time.

The Pocket Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

de-press /dipres/  1 push or pull down;

lower.    2   make   dispirited   or dejected.

3 Econ.  reduce  the  activity of  (esp. trade).

  • depressed area area suffering from eco­ nomic depression.  deepress’ing adi de• press’ing•ly
    • 1 press (down). 2 oppress, sadden, dis­ hearten, discourage. 3 weaken, du11; depre­ ciate; lower, bring down.  depressing see OPPRESSIVE 1, 2, SAD

de•pres-sant /dipresant/ • adj. 1 that de­ presses. 2 Med. sedative. • n. 1 Med. agent, esp. a drug, that sedates. 2 influence that de­ presses.

  • 1 see SEDATIVE n.

de-pres-sion /dipreshan/ n. 1 a Psychol. ex­ treme melancholy, often with physical symp­ toms. b reduction in vitality, vigor, or spirits. 2 a Jong period of financial and industrial decline. b (the Depression) the economic decline of the 1930s. 3 Meteorol. lowering of atmospheric pressure. 4 hollow on a sur­ face. 5 pressing down.

  • 1 b dejection, despair, gloom, sadness, the blues; see also MEUNCHOLY n. 2 a reces­ sion, slump, (economic) decline. 3 4 indentation, dent, dimple.

de-pres-sive /dipresiv/ • adi 1 tending to depress. 2 Psychol involving or character­ ized by depression. • n. Psychol person suf­ fering or with a tendency to suffer from de­pression.

deep /deep/ • ad_j. 1 extending far down  or in. 2 a to or at a specified depth (6 feel deep).  b in a specified number of ranks (soldiers drawn up six deep). 3 situated  or  coming from far down, back, or in (deep in his pockets, deep sigh). 4 low-pitched; full-toned (deep voice).  intense;  extreme  (deep  disgrace). 6 heartfelt; absorbing (deep affection). 7 fully absorbed or overwhelmed (deep in debt).

8 profound; difficult to understand (deep thought). n. 1 [prec. by the] poet. the  sea. 2 abyss, pit, or cavity. • adv. deeply; far down or in (read deep into the night). deep freeze 1 refrigerator in which food can be quickly frozen and kept for long periods. 2 suspen­ sion of activity. deep-freeze freeze or store (food) in a deep freeze. deep-fry (-fries, -fried) fry (food) in fat or oil suffi­ cient to cover it.   deep’ly adv. n.

  • f. 1 extensive, bottomless, profound; yawning. 4 resonant, booming. 5 rich, strong; see also INTENSE I, 3, VIVID I. 6 in­ tense, sincere, earnest, ardent, fervent; see also ABSORBING. 7 rapt, engrossed, occupied, intent. 8 weighty, heavy, arcane, abstruse; obscure, incomprehensible; mysterious; wise, learned, sage, astute,  acute, intense.   •
  1. 1 (the deep) the ocean, the high seas. 2 see ABYSS I. • adv. see deeply below, profoundly (PROFOUND). deep freeze   2  see  PAUSE n.

     deeply (far) downward or inward, way down, deep down; profoundly, intensely, strongly, acutely, greatly, extremely, severely, unreservedly; passionately..

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