Invisible Present Tense 3.0 | 2019

Date: August , 2019


Curator (s):

Amirali Ghasemi | Parking Video Library

Video Artists:

Atousa Bandeh | Aliyar Rasti | Shilan Borhani | Mojtaba Saranjampour | Bahar Samadi | Mehdi Shiri | Nima Bahrehmand | Nebras Hoveizavi


The Invisible Present (tense) is an ongoing screening program selected from the Parking video Library. Variations of the program toured in Canada, United States & Brazil in 2011 and 2012 and 2013 became part of the “Focus Iran” Program at Rotterdam & Gothenburg film festival. The 2nd edition has been shown in screenings at Potsdam, Germany, and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
The Invisible Present Tense 3.0 is curated especially as a one-day screening event for Yard Video Festival at AG Galerie and tends to broaden the definition of Moving images and go beyond geographical borders. The current edition of the program highlights various disciplines. It can be read through keywords like landscape, the mundane, the longing, and finally, the medium of photography itself.
The participating artists work within Iran and across the globe. The Invisible Present sheds light on a generation that cannot be clearly defined and is often harshly targeted internationally. This era seeks to be present and exercises their significant liberty to experiment while preserving the right to be invisible to many.

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